Public monuments in Roman Greece

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Dr. Christopher Paul Dickenson

Christopher Dickenson obtained his BA in Ancient History and Archaeology at the University of Manchester (1999). He then went to the Netherlands to work for a season on an archaeological excavation and ended up staying there for fifteen years. He obtained his M.A. in Classical Archaeology from Leiden University (2003) and PhD from the University of Groningen (2012) for his PhD thesis about the changing function of the Greek agora in post-Classical times. He has reworked the first half of his thesis as a the book “On the Agora: The Evolution of a Public Space in Hellenistic and Roman Greece (c.323 BC- 267 AD)” which has recently (December 2016) been published in Brill’s Mnemosyne Supplement’s series. He is currently working on turning the second half of the thesis into a book. Christopher has taught in the History and Archaeology departments of the University of Groningen and in the History department of the Radboud University Nijmegen. In 2014 he returned to the UK to take up a Marie Curie Fellowship at the Faculty of Classics of the University of Oxford to carry out the project “Public Monuments in Roman Greece”. He is concurrently the Hardie Post-Doctoral Fellow at Lincoln College. His research makes use of archaeological, literary and epigraphic material. Research interests include ancient public space, the political culture of the post-Classical polis, ancient sculpture and the 2nd century AD travel writer Pausanias. At Oxford he teaches on Greek and Roman Art, Roman Imperial Culture and the archaeology of the Hellenistic period. Beyond ancient history his interests include music (popular and classical), literature and running. He lives in a small Oxfordshire village with his wife, two daughters and a cat.

A full list of publications and links to download some of them can be found on his profile.